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40kg / 88Ib Portable Electronic Luggage Scale

Sample Price: USD $7.00
Wholesales Starts From: USD $2.70

Quantity 1+ unit 24+ unit 480+ unit 960+ unit
Price/Unit USD $7.00 USD $2.70 USD $2.50 USD $2.15
Size: 20 cm * 13 cm *4.5 cm
Weight: 0.08 kg / 0.18 lbs
Material: Plastic Rubber , Nylon Strap
Color: White
Processing Time 1-2 Days
Shipping Time Within 2-7 Days based on Order Quantity
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•Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor system •Maximum capacity 88lbs/40kg •Units: lb/kg •Uses one lithium battery (CR2032) •Press "ON/OFF" button to turn on scale. •The LCD display will read "0.0kg". During this time press "ON/OFF" button to switch between lbs and kgs. •The article to be weighed should be attached to the scale while the LCD displays "0.0kg". Next grip the scale handle and lift up the article. When the loading is stable, the weighing data will auto lock on the screen showing "Hold". •To reset the scale and weigh another article, remove article from scale, then press and release "NO/OFF" Button. The LCD will display "0.0kg". •Press "ON/OFF"button to turn scale off. Scale will also power off automatically after 60 seconds. •The maximum weight for this scale is 88lbs/40kg. If articles heavier than 88lbs/40g are weighed, the display shows "EEE". Weighing articles over the maximum weight may also damage the scale. •Do not stress the scale for long periods of time. •To ensure accuracy, avoid shaking or rocking while weighing items and do not use this scale in strong magnetic fields. During booting, when it is unstable, it will show "Ust". •Keep the scale away from babies and children to avoid danger of swallowing the batteries or small components. •When the scale auto lock, the scale will anto unlock in 15 seconds.

Handle & Care

•Wipe the scale with a slightly damp cloth. DO NOT immerse the scale in water or use chemical cleaning agents


One Carton: 36 Unit(s)
Blister Card Packaging Carton size: L 0.43 m x W 0.32 m x H 0.2 m = 0.028 CBM
USD $7.00
Wholesales Starts From: USD $2.70
USD $7.00
Wholesales Starts From: USD $2.70
USD $7.00
Wholesales Starts From: USD $2.70
USD $7.00
Wholesales Starts From: USD $2.70
USD $7.00
Wholesales Starts From: USD $2.70
USD $7.00
Wholesales Starts From: USD $2.70